CONSISTENTLY Create High Quality Content For Your Personal Brand WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER.
Transform your social media game from a time sucking vortex into an effortless and powerful content machine!
‣ EXPLODE your personal brand
‣ Increase brand awareness and trust
‣ End inconsistent posting
‣ Save $$$ on updating equipment
‣ Stop endless hours of editing
‣ Save time and energy
‣ Access to your own personal film crew
‣ Monthly Subscription (Leave Anytime)
‣ 100% RISK FREE Service
Take the Handbrake off your social media
High Quality Social Media Content, Done For You with a Next Day Turnaround
What is it?
VIP Influencer Accelerator is a monthly subscription to your own personal production crew for your social content.

We help you create killer content that connects with your audience and helps build trust and authenticity. 
Who's it for?
Celebrities & Key People of Influence who want to automate their social media content creation and build a loyal tribe.

If you are struggling to stay consistent with your content creation, or feel like the quality is not at the level you want for your brand, the VIP Influencer Accelerator is for you. 

How does it work? 
We schedule recurring content shoot days (weekly).

Travelling to you, we shoot and edit crafted content for your social accounts so you can get back to focusing on the important things. 
"I've been saying for ages that I needed help creating content! I live alone and work alone so it's incredibly hard to shoot content. The VIP Influencer Accelerator is a Godsend!"
"You guys are literally what I've been looking for. No one has been able to capture my vision and content like you guys have. THANK YOU!"
✅  Never Run Out Of Content AGAIN
✅  AUTOMATE Your Social Media
✅  100% Zero Risk [ No Lock in ]
✅  Gain Up to 15+ Hours A Week Back
✅  30 Day Money Back Guarantee
What is the VIP Influencer Accelerator? 
From: The Blackpress Team
To: Influencers, Celebrities & VIPS
Dear Key Person of Influence,

If you're reading this, you understand that building a strong personal brand is one of the most powerful plays you can make right now.

It's the new "word of mouth marketing". The level of trust that an audience has with a strong personal brand is a force to be reckoned with.

If you've been wanting to build a rock solid personal brand, but don't have the time, equipment or the know how... 

Then read this page thoroughly 👇
But first, let me warn you now ⚠️
This is NOT your average social media service...

Many products and services online right now are claiming to help you grow your social media following. 

That's not what we do.

In fact, we believe that growing a big following means SH*T ALL.

You could have 1 MILLION followers, but if they do not trust your brand - that number may as well be ZERO

1. With the VIP Influencer Accelerator, we film & craft social content that builds you a LOYAL TRIBE.


2. If you are looking to simply "dip your toes" in the personal brand pool DO NOT APPLY

3. If you do not believe in the power of Personal Brands and how they can amplify business results DO NOT APPLY 

4. If you have no intention of building an authentic and powerful Personal Brand DO NOT APPLY

If you fall into any of the categories above, feel free to click away from this page now. 

With that said, if you are ready to put your personal brand content on autopilot and build an unwavering tribe of followers, then keep reading...
Here's What You Get As A VIP
After joining the VIP Influencer Accelerator here's what you'll get: 
Weekly Content Shoot. This is where our skilled videographers spend the day with you capturing authentic, organic content. We always communicate with you in advance to arrange the best day in that week for the most exciting/valuable content. 

One Day Turnaround on your social content. We will edit and post the most vital content within 24 hours. We also ensure that there is a backlog of content so you can be omnipresent (everywhere) on social media. 

✅ Access to Exclusive Collaborations. Where we see a good fit between our clients, we will organise a collaboration. This is an extremely powerful way to strengthen and grow your own brand by leveraging the audience of someone else's.

✅ Content Ideas & Strategies to build authority and trust with your audience. We constantly test and review different pieces of your content to see what your audience likes and responds to. We then go and create more of that. 

We personally guarantee it will...
📈 Completely TRANSFORM Your Social Media Followers into a LOYAL TRIBE ⛪️

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